Five things you didn’t know about Helen Donohoe, author of Birdy Flynn

Meet Helen Donohoe, the author of Birdy Flynn, out now!

  1. When I was young, we didn’t really have books in the house so I didn’t start reading novels until I was in my twenties.
  2. The first four books I did buy were from Jumble sales and they were The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Pippi Longstocking, Every Girl’s Judo and The Young Angler’s Guide.
  3. I managed to land a Saturday job working at the local library – it was a major turning point in my life.
  4. I tried to be in denial about puberty, just like Birdy Flynn, and dreaded my childhood being over.
  5. I worked in the same office as Adele’s mum at the same time that Adele was just emerging. I felt like she had a uniquely passionate way of telling a story in her songs and it made me want to do the same with words. I found the way that she worked really inspiring.


Helen studied politics at Manchester University and the LSE and has dedicated her career to speaking up for the powerless and invisible as a campaigner, lobbyist, volunteer and writer. She recently completed the MA in Creative Writing (Novels) at City University, London, winning the PFD Novel Writing Prize for Birdy Flynn, her first novel. She lives in London.